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House News

Save Money with Your Edible Garden

Julie Martens
February 2, 2010
An edible garden featuring vegetables and herbs can save you a bundle if you keep it simple and raise plants that offer high yields.
Edible gardens aren't just good for your health, they're also good for your wallet--a well-maintained garden can yield a half-pound of fresh vegetables for every square foot of garden space.

Home Security Check

Joseph D'Agnese
February 1, 2010
The first step toward protecting your home from break-ins is to conduct a home security check that will show where your property is most vulnerable.
Your exterior doors should have deadbolts that throw a bolt at least one inch long. Grade 1 and Grade 2 locksets are the most secure.

Home Inventory: Value Your Possessions After a Loss

Gwen Moran
December 28, 2009
Despite your best intentions, you never got around to creating a home inventory, a detailed list of your belongings, for insurance purposes. Now that you’ve suffered a theft or casualty loss, you’re kicking yourself. All isn’t lost: There are strategies you can use to approximate a home inventory after the fact and assign value to your damaged or destroyed possessions.

Spring Cleaning Guide

Alyson McNutt English
September 30, 2009
Make spring cleaning less of a chore by following these smarter—and mostly greener—tips for this annual rite of homeownership.
Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition. After a long winter, you throw open the windows, let in fresh air, and scrub down the house. But modern spring cleaning presents challenges your grandmother never imagined. Today’s homes are bigger, and the choice of cleaning supplies seemingly endless.

10 Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen

Douglas Trattner
August 28, 2009
Spending less money on utility bills doesn’t mean you need to rush out and purchase a whole new suite of Energy Star appliances. With occasional light maintenance and good habits, you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your large kitchen appliances—up to about $120 annually—without sacrificing convenience.


Understanding Energy Ratings for Windows and Doors

Karin Beuerlein
August 28, 2009
Just because windows or doors are Energy Star-labeled doesn’t mean they’re eligible for the maximum $1,500 federal tax credit. And with costs running about $500-$1,000 per window including labor, it’s wise to know something about the scientific lingo and numbers on the product labels you’re likely to encounter. Here’s your pro-level label-decoding guide so you can be sure you’re buying qualified products.

Which labels matter?